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Roofing continues, loudly and bangingly. The whole house is shaking and light fixtures are falling down. I'm playing loud techno to compensate.

Because today is a wet, cold, dark, misty-sprinkly day in Seattle, I'm working indoors. I'm cleaning out the toy room today (one of the things on my list), so that we have better access to the attic (that's where the hatch is). This means that...I'm finally cataloging my entire My Little Pony collection. Go on, laugh. I went to Storables today and found some sweet clear plastic boxes to store them, at a very good price.


This Saturday, the 12th, there is a book sale at the library. I will probably miss this because I will be on a garden tour with my Mom and Nana June. Later that evening, I'll go to my friend Jenna's graduation party.

Okay, now, pay attention. Next week, mountain_child is expecting to roll into town late on Thursday (17th). I will probably spend Friday (18th) and definitely Saturday (19th) with him and Mike. They will probably leave Saturday night or Sunday morning. Sunday (20th) is Father's Day. Then Tuesday, the 21st, I'm seeing Cavalia with shaylith and Kim. shaylith, when are you and Kim planning to arrive? Also, remember those photo albums with the little memo strip on them that you can write on? I found some. Want?

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