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Where did sheep get tap shoes?

I think Bert's protesting dialogue in the background of Ernie's "Dance Myself to Sleep" is one of the funniest things ever.

"Dance Myself to Sleep"

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep,
But it’s not so bad

Bert: Ernie, I'm trying to sleep.

I don’t worry, and I don’t weep

(Bert moans)

In fact…I’m glad!

Because I
Get up off my pillow
And I flip on the light

Bert: Ernie!</b>

I get down and get hip
In the still of the night

Bert: Turn the light off, Ernie!

I stretch and I yawn
And then I breathe real deep;

(Bert moans)

And dance myself to sleep.

Bert: Don't dance, PLEASE don't dance!

I hoof around my beddy,
Just ‘a tappin’ my toes

Bert: You're dancing.

Before I know what’s happened
I’m a ready to go.

(Bert moans)

Got some partners I can count on
Called the Boogie-Woogie Sheep

Bert: The WHAT?

I dance myself to sleep.
I gently rock-a-by myself across the floor

Bert: What are those sheep doing?

I turn and then I toss
Then I start to snore

Bert: Ernie!

My trusty little bugle
Helps me spread the news

Bert: Oh, NOT the bugle.

That I’m a’tappin’ to taps
And a’rarin’ to snooze.


Bert:'re playing the bugle.

>bugle interlude<

Bert: What are these sheep doing?
Bert: Ernie, these sheep...they're tap dancing...
Bert: Ernie, PLEASE take these sheep out and let me sleep!
Bert: >moan<
Bert: Where did sheep get tap shoes?
Bert: GetawayGetawayGetawayGetawayGetawayGetaway.
Bert: ERNIE, will you PLEASE tell the sheep to put my bed down?!
Bert: Stop, getawaygetawaygetaway.
Bert: Thank you. WAIT, don't pick me up!

Well I’m gettin’ kind of drowsy
So the moment has come

Bert: YOU'RE drowsy?!

To grab my rubber ducky
While the sheep take my chum.

Bert: TAKE your CHUM?!

Time to shuffle off to dreamland,
Got a date to keep

Bert: Where're you taking me?

We’ll dance ourselves to sleep, oh yeah

Bert: Wait, what's going on?

We’ll dance ourselves to sleep, we’re in our jammies

Bert: What are they doing?

We’ll dance ourselves to sleep, and thank you lambies

Bert: They're taking me OUTSIDE!

We’ll dance ourselves to sleep

Bert: Errrnieeeeeeeeeee!
>Ernie laugh<


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