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Arrgh. I really really was going to hold out for The DaVinci Code in paperback, but the book is so popular that apparently EVERYONE overstocked it and now it's CHEAP. I almost caved when Waldenbooks had it at 30% off, but I held out, and then Dad took me to Costco, and it was less than 50% of the retail price. >SWIPE<. Also, I got Angels and Demons, because it was $11. Arg.

In other news, I was browsing their DVD's, and in the midst of a bunch of crappy TV DVD's I suddenly ran into...the complete 2nd season of Star Trek: Voyager. And the interesting thing is that when I saw it/grabbed it, I let out this loud, heartfelt, orgasmic moan that was entirely involuntary. Seriously. It just slipped out. And then the entire store backed away from me.

I didn't get it, since I don't have $88 lying around, but moooooaaaaaaaannnn.

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