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I just got back from a very nice dinner at bluemoonshark's house, just for fun and birthday and getting together. In attendance were Uncle Don, Kitty (Mom), Doug (Dad), Grandma, shrike30, some hummingbirds, sand3, Kitten, drew4484, and a spotted towhee. We had grilled tofu and zuchinni and cornbread and I was full and happy and laughed with good friends. And was weird (sand3 said so).

shrike30, will you post the helicopter story?

Jason has been listening to Green Day's Time of Your Life for the past FOUR DAYS, nonstop. Nothing else. Infinite replay. Soon I will kill him. I asked him to please use his headphones (MY really awesome headphones that I loaned him for this purpose), and he put them on and then started singing along to the music really loudly. The entertaining thing about this is that Jason is so horribly tone-deaf that his singing sounds nothing like the real melody at all, so it doesn't grate into my brain because I don't recognize the tune.

In other news, FLAMINGONARIUM.

P.S. Also, as I did not realize that today was "roof the area immediately under autumnwinds' bedroom window in the early morning," I flashed one of the roofers. Um.

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