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Arf. I'm still tired from yesterday.

I'll try to post more detail later, but yesterday I went on an awesome hike on Mt. Rainier with troglodyteking, hawkswift, and two other people I hadn't met (Anna and Fred). We were aiming to hike from Paradise to Camp Muir, but we'd underestimated the distance (5 ish miles?) and the elevation change (5,000 ft), and because it's early in the season, the entire route is still covered in a slidey layer of thick wet snow, making walking pretty exhausting. Even so, we got pretty close to Camp Muir, but had to turn back because we were tired and it was late in the day. I firmly believe that discretion is the better part of valor where mountain climbing is concerned, and besides, we had great views anyway. At the point we turned back, we could see Mt. Adams to the southeast (it's shaped much like Rainier on that face), Mt. St. Helens' dark caldera to the southwest, and Mt. Hood's pointy peak straight south, in Oregon. It was incredible.

We headed down the mountain at 2:30 and I walked back in the door at home at 8:00. I took a shower and went straight to bed without remembering to remove my contacts, and woke up at 4:00 am with my eyes burning and tears streaming from them. Everyone, please, PLEASE cross your fingers that I don't get an infection in my corneas again! I have guests coming and I really, really cannot deal with that right now (the pain of the infection, not the guests).

So today I had the luxury of sleeping in a little, and now I'm off to do some weeding and clean the pond, and maybe do some planting too. Then this evening I'll get my room picked up and tidy up the downstairs for when warriorkimberly and shaylith arrive on Saturday night and stay til' Wednesday morning (Dad's going to go nuts that I'm not working). As I speak, Mike, Jessica, and mountain_child should be driving to Seattle from Boise today, and will arrive this evening. I'll spend the next two days with them, starting tomorrow, which should be interesting. I'm still in a weird state of happiness, confusion, fear, and anger. I guess I'll see how it pans out.

I'm working in the yard in my hospital shirt my Aunt Jodi gave me, which makes it look like my parents are hiring mental patients for their yard labor. Ha.

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