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Yesterday was pretty fun; I took shaylith and warriorkimberly to some of my favorite stores for most of the day (capitalism!). Kim had a Barnes and Noble gift certificate to burn, I showed them Old Navy and Linens 'n Things (it was hard to steer Kim away from the chicken stuff).

After that, we went to Cost Plus World Market and Storables. I got a couple of extra storage tubs, one for ponies and one to organize my photos. I showed warriorkimberly my favorite coffee table at Cost Plus and now I think she's going to buy it, darn her. I also got another one of the photo albums I like at Target.

After that, we went to the Alderwood Mall complex and I let them wander around in there for a bit. shaylith got a shirt for her new skirt at Wet Seal, and warriorkimberly found lots of new clothes at Lane Bryant. [Bad username: shaylith"> has wanted to go to Hot Topic for a long time, so I took her. We didn] found a little stack of shirts that we've both been dying for. They're black Dark Crystal baby doll shirts that say "Of course you don't have wings, you're a boy!" on the front, and then big sparkly purple wings on the back. I've wanted one of these since I heard someone talking about them on LJ, but I couldn't find them anywhere (and yes, I checked the website). I hate girlie shirts, but I got an XL one, so it doesn't fit too annoyingly. YAY!

Also, we took a look into Fye, and saw they were having a big sale on new VHS tapes. I got Star Trek: Insurrection and Practical Magic for $5 apiece. warriorkimberly got two videos also, and we each chipped in $10 to help shaylith buy the last DVD season of Buffy that she doesn't have. Score.

After that we came home, went to a party at Carolyn Barden's house with my parents, and then came back and watched Finding Nemo (my 3rd time this week).

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