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Home and back

This weekend was Mom's weekend at UI. I took it upon myself to do my mom a favor by visiting her, rather than the other way around. I also spent most of spring break emptying out all the boxes of accumulated junk from college last year, and I needed to bring back those empty boxes, so I could use them to move out in a few weeks.

Trundled out on Friday. Jason wanted to go to Gameworks *bad*, so I let him drag me out to the car and we drove downtown. I'd never been to Gameworks, but it wasn't so bad. Kind of loud and blinky, but okay. Arcade games just aren't my thing. There was one game, however, that was really cool. It was a hot-air balloon game where you control the height of your balloon and try to pop your opponent's--but your chair rises and falls with the height of your balloon (about 20-30 feet max). I got 2nd place. It was awesome.

At 10:00 they announced that everyone 18 and younger had to go, so Jason, at least, was no longer welcome. I attempted to take him to the Rock Bottom Brewery as consolation, but apparently, after a certain hour, the whole restaurant becomes 21 and over only, so that was a no-go. I then attempted a consolation trip to some cheesecake place (passing someone doing a voodoo dance to some window mannequins), but it was packed--45 minute wait.

So I taught Jason to drive.

Jason wants to learn to drive really badly, but it's just not a good idea. Mom and Dad don't have a spare car for him like they did for me, and he has the insurance problem of being a male without a good student discount. Still, I thought it would be a fun sibling-bonding thing. I took him to Shorecrest's north lot and taught him how to shift, brake, turn, back up, park, etc. It was fun.

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I had to get home at midnight for next semester's registration. It was as we got out of the car in our driveway that I discovered that one of my shoes was missing. Jason had accidentally kicked it out of the car when we switched seats at Shorecrest. Dammit.

So we drove all the way back to the school, and sure enough, my Birkenstock was there. I made Jason go out and get it, and was messing around with the speeding-up-and-make-the-passenger-run game. It was only after Jason finally hurled himself into the car that I noticed the police officer pulling in from the back. Dammit.

He didn't turn his lights on. I just got Jason in the car, he buckled up, and we drove very calmly and slowly out of the lot. He followed us out, watched us head out down the street, and then did a U-turn back into the lot. Phew. It's probably a scheduled part of his beat to drive through the school grounds, and we just appeared at the wrong time. I'm just glad he wasn't there earlier. Jason doesn't have his learner's permit yet. o_O

Went back to the house and registered online. Here's what I'm taking next year.
1. Wildlife Ecology I (and lab)
2. Technical and Engineering Report Writing :P
3. Honors Ethics
4. Environmental Ethics
5. Senior Project Presentation
6. Economics for Natural Resources Managers :P :P :P (if I get to be a TA, I'll drop this class so fast it'll make the ecosystem spin).

The next day was all for mom. We hung out a little in the morning, then drove up to Alderwood to get her some new clothes (she's grown really averse to public places like malls, so she detests shopping, and it's easier for her when I'm there. I think she's developed a little agoraphobia). We even tried on jeans together, and I can now wear...>drumroll<...a size 6!!!

Next step is flab conversion to muscle. :)

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Made a quick stop at the Lynnwood REI to look at sleeping bags, but didn't see anything that we really liked. Went home, and I spent the next couple of hours making a nice dinner for everyone (jasmine rice, and broccoli and mushrooms with seitan, served with garlic and ginger sauce). It was fabulous. It took me forever to make, since the good smells had people popping up and sniffing over my shoulder every few minutes. Jason and I thought the spice was just right, but mom and dad were gulping down water, so maybe I'll tune it down a little next time. :)

Ate way too much ice cream than I should have, but I don't care. It was mint chocolate chip and it was good. So there. Then mom and I went through her closet and pulled out some nasty old clothes before watching Trading Spaces on tv (she adores that show). I took a shower and stayed up late reading Gone With the Wind.

Got up this morning and packed the car. Picked some flowers for Tyler (rhodedendron, bleeding hearts, dogwood, bluebells) and two jars of fresh herbs for Christine (fennel, rosemary, feverfew, wormwood, rue, horehound, purple sage, motherwort). My car, needless to say, smells great. Said bye to Dad, bounced on sleeping Jason for a bit, and headed out to the downtown REI. Mom followed me in her car. We were on a quest for a sleeping bag for me. The one I have now is a roll-up cotton-filled one. Great for sleepovers, but it has no business being out in the woods (it rolls up the size of a large beach ball, and is not warm enough in cold weather--I woke up in the middle of the night at Soldier Creek last summer and had to pack my sleeping bag with every article of clothing I owned to keep from freezing).

I ended up picking out a beautiful indigo Buddy Rad, by Sierra Designs. It's a warm, down bag with 775 fill (excellent), nice head chamber and cushion, and a very water-resistant coating. It's also a convertible extra down layer on top can be zipped off in warm nights, or zipped back on again to make it a four-season bag. It's also way more money than I felt comfortable about mom spending on me, so I'm paying for half of it with my first summer paycheck. I didn't want to spend so much, really, but if this is what I'll be doing as a CAREER, I'll need a warm, versatile bag that I can take anywhere and will last for many, many years. This was it.

Spent the next five hours driving back to Idaho. Then, the rest of the evening in my room, finishing Genetics and fielding Brandong's questions. All in all, a nice weekend.

Current good thing: My mommy.

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