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Dad and I spent the whole day today shoveling the dirt we removed from the pathways, and all the broken concrete and asphalt fragments from the old path lying in the upper driveway into a trailer, and then driving it to a friend’s house and shoveling it out again where he needed some fill material. The pile of concrete fragments I was moving was up against the stone wall, and hornets have been busy building nests in the little hollows between the rocks.

Evidently the hornets felt a little threatened by my moving the concrete chunks piled up near their new homes, and I was carrying a heavy piece to the trailer when one of them stung me in the thumb. I’m fine, but a hornet sting really hurts. It stung me right in the joint, so my whole thumb swelled up and has been throbbing painfully all afternoon, and because it’s swollen, I can’t bend the thumb...which means I can’t hold a pen...which means I can’t write or use a needle, so I can't work on my quilt. >sulk<

OW THIS HURTS A LOT. Sometimes it subsides to a dull ache, and sometimes I get sharp jolts like a needle's being stuck into my thumb. I think the swelling is going down, though.

And now, a Spock impression.


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