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Murf. I'm tired and my journal is stagnant.

Les' see here.

This last week was an interesting one. I drove up to Bellingham on Sunday afternoon and spent the evening hanging out at bluemoonshark, llellewyn, and shawnaduck's place, with Blue and Mike. We got nummy Thai and stuffed on chocolate chip cookies while making fun of some anime eps.

On Monday, I drove up to Blaine and met Jessica from the Greatness Project in March, left my car at her place, met the animals (she has an African Grey parrot that, when you "fly" him around the room on your finger, goes "whoosh! whoosh!" It's the best thing ever), and then drove up to the Greatness offices in Vancouver in her car. We hung out there for the rest of the afternoon with Brian. They took me out for lunch. I returned to Venus and Mars (where I got my green elven dress) and discovered that the shorter, simpler champagne-colored dress that I'd seen and liked there in March was still there...and marked down from $105 to $45, Canadian. I NABBED it. It's less ornate than my long dress and therefore more easy to wear around. It has short sleeves and ends just above the knees, and judging from Brian's stammering and openly lecherous (but well-intended) comments, it looks fairly good on me. I like it because it's short enough that I can go up stairs two at a time in it. I worked on my quilt and took a nap in the offices, and then Jessica and I hung out with Jeni at her and Devon's place until late, when Brian got out of his Rotary meeting and he and Jessica and I dropped out stuff at his place, and then walked to Jeremiah's before it closed. I wasn't hungry, but they ate and drank while I talked about Tyler stuff, and listened to their sage advice.

On Tuesday, Jessica and I got up and met Brian and Jeni at Loomis Art Supplies. I got some paint and we dropped Jeni off at her place, promised to come back for Devon in 20 minutes, and tried to go to a sex-toy store called Womyn's Ware (a store run specifically for women, by lesbians). It wasn't open, so we went back and waited for Devon, and then drove to the offices. Jessica dropped us off and went home to work on a sewing project. I hung out all day, working on my quilt, reading, and riding the SkyTrain (over the bridge and to the end of the line). I left around 3:30 and rode the SkyTrain to Broadway and walked to Womyn's Ware before it closed. It was a very cool store...very clean, non-sleazy, and lots of emphasis on safety. The staff were very nice and helpful. I will say that I bought three things...something functional, something decorative, and something fun. That's all. Then I walked to Devon and Jeni's place, read my book, and then Brian and Devon and Jeni took the bus back to Brian's house, stopping off at Mike's apartment first (their wedding photographer).

See, I had asked Mike for a copy of the Conundrum and wedding photo CD's, and Brian had made the request for me the night before over the phone, also strongly hinting at a price reduction owing to the fact that Mike accidentally hit me in the car on the ride home from the reception. While bargaining, I told Brian to tell Mike I'd kiss him. Mike agreed to free CD's on the spot. Deni and Devon said they were coming to get their bicycles from Brian's house, but really, I think they just wanted to watch.

So we walked into Mike's place, made idle chitchat, and then he handed me the CD's and gave me a challenging grin. I think everyone there was expecting me to give Mike a peck on the cheek, but I've been feeling vicarious and I like to pay my debts, so I walked over there, put my hands behind his head, and I macked him good. THEN I gave him a peck on the cheek and brightly said "thank you!" He was somewhat speechless, but he did manage to say I was welcome back any time. Brian and the others threw Mike a party last night to try to convince him to not move to Calgary with his job, and I was invited. :) I stayed up late that night with Brian and Shar, watching Amazing Race and The Full Monty.

On Wednesday, Brian and I slept late, and then he escorted me on the long bus ride to White Rock, on the Canadian border, where Jessica met us. Jessica and I were eager to head out because we were planning to go horseback riding, but Brian wanted to hang out and totally stalled for time, ending up in us talking a long walk down the beach, skipping rocks, walking up and down the pier, and having dinner in a sit-down restaurant. Eventually we parted and Jessica and I drove back to Blaine, got my car, and then drove to her parents' house in Bellingham.

We had an awesome ride. I rode a very nice Kentucky Foxtrotter named Red, and I rode English for the first time in my life because they had no Western saddles. I didn't like the saddle much, since the stirrups are cupped and much higher than I'm accustomed to, and there's no saddle horn, which I like to rest my left hand on as we ride. The only thing I liked about the saddle was that it weighted at least half as much as a Western saddle, if not more. The ride itself was incredible...we took a gorgous path through some old=growth forest in the Arroyo State Park, winding through deep groves of red alder and around boulders and matriarchal Douglas firs. I also got to gallop for the first time in my life, which was scary, but definitely great fun. My butt's been seriously sore the past few days because the short stirrups prevented me from standing up much in the saddle, but otherwise no injuries. We got back around sunset, I picked up bluemoonshark, and we drove home to Seattle.

That's pretty much all I have to report. I volunteered at Day Camp with Dad on Thursday and Friday (I partially regret not being a counselor this year, but I'll do it next year), and then Dad and I spent Saturday and today working in the yard. Our pathstones were delivered on Thursday (3 tons of Pennsylvania bluestone, fragmented and tumbled smooth), so I've spent the last two days lugging them around the paths and puzzling them together. We're about 75% done, I think. Then we'll work on the pond. Dad and I build the rim of the pond up with concrete today, and tomorrow we'll use a special adhesive to glue rocks around the inside to hide all the stupid gunnite they sprayed the pond with. With any luck, we'll finish all that, and be able to add plants and fish to it by the end of this week.

There. I'm up-to-date.

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