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Today was neat. I spent most of the day at Carolyn's house, altering clothes.

I lost a lot of weight after high school and I have some cool clothes that don't quite fit now, or that never fit well. Here's what we did:

1. My khaki microfiber skirt from REI. Strangely, despite being comfortable, made of a nice high-tech fabric, and having pockets and key loops, it had no slit, so I could never walk at a comfortable pace. I had to mince. Slit added.

2. My slinky shiny black skirt. This one had a thin strip of mostly non-stretchy elastic at the waist that was already too large, so it was always at a point of almost-falling-off, depending on how much I'd eaten that day. It was also a little long. Waist rolled under and stronger elastic added.

3. My blue plaid Old Navy dress. This is a cute short sleeveless dress that was always too big on me, so there was way too much loose fabric under the armpits, and it had straight sides, so it hung on me like a sack. The neck was also surprisingly high, so it always felt like it was on backwards. Sides taken in significantly, and neckline lowered. This was tricky.

4. My prom dress. This had the same problem as the earlier dress in that it was too big for me, so that there was way too much fabric under the arm, so much that you could pull it over and expose my chest fairly easily (which is why I haven't worn it since). We were worried about sewing this tighter because the dress has no zipper and that would make it hard to escape. Elastic added under the arms, which actually looks kind of cool (Carolyn said it also makes my breasts look bigger, which I don't really see, but okay).

5. Slinky blue nightgown. This was another issue with why I don't wear alwasy starts an inch below my breasts. I pulled up the adjustable straps as much as possible and it was still barely covering. Straps cut and resewn higher.

We also mended a rip in my Mom's pajamas, and sewed her a kimono sleeping robe like the two I have (Mom's always liked them).

Productive! I also showed off my quilt progress. I've started the second row of rings (now doing ring #8). Carolyn loved it.


I hate, hate, hate news reporters who interview grieving family members and friends of dead people. HATE.

"Your daughter was just brutally murdered. How do you feel about that?"


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