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I'm tired. But then again, I slept great last night. It was one of those deeply satisfying sleeps when you wake up a little stiff and sore because you were so tired, you just lay in one position the whole night. I had a bad headache last night, which usually keeps me up and then continues into the next day. But last night I lay down, the headach slowly subsided bit by bit, and then I slept.

Yesterday was good. I finally, finally, after weeks of work, FINISHED THE PATH. Good. It still needs to settle, but I think it looks great. I've been treating the pond with the bactieria solution to keep the algae down, while also admiring our new plants. We went to Moorehaven a few days ago and picked out a pink water lily, a white arrowleaf, and a floating pennywort. They're awesome.

After I finished the path, I finished waxing my car and started packing a little. My rugs came yesterday (finally), so I unrolled one to admire it. They'll go back to Moscow with me. Mom was kind enough to get us curry for dinner (1 star, sigh) after I was crabby that morning about driving Jason to work.

Around 2:30, galith, Denise, troglodyteking, and qazwsxmko came over to pick blackberries. We picked for a while, I started making crust, and with galith and troglodyteking alternating on making the filling, we managed to crank out 5 for everybody...and I whipped up a peach cobbler somewhere towards the end.

After that we had dinner, played Munchkin for a few hours, hung out, and split. And now I have much packing to do.

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