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Yesterday, my first day at school, was a frustrating one. I spent the morning reintroducing my computer to my printer, which involved futzing around and getting the printer’s CD (which, thankfully, I still had), and evidently installing every little doo-dah HP has ever come up with. I finally got that done, but had lost track of the time and biked off to my first class, 470, in a such a big hurry that I forgot my bike lock. AND I was still late. I hid my bike in a deep, dark corner of the building out of the public eye, and hoped for the best.

Class was okay. Chuck just talked a lot about how great the class was going to be. I’m worried because I was already feeling cynical and pissed-off, and I’d rather not judge the class on the basis of my friends’ previous experiences. I want to go into it with an open mind. Adam was there, and we greeted each other and chatted for a bit at the end of the class. I know or recognize most of the people there. In the middle of the two hours, Chuck let us have a quick break. I went to a vending machine to try and get a quick bite, since it was lunch and I was hungry, and wouldn’t have time to get anything better for a few more hours. But my Vandal card didn’t work in the machine swiper. Huh? I went to the copy center instead, to copy out the reading for Wednesday, and my card didn’t work there either (although they were eventually able to force it somehow). Evidently, my Vandal card was worn out and I needed a new one. I grabbed the reading and rushed back to class, again, late. I don’t think I made a good impression.

Chuck wanted to take pictures of each of the 75-ish of us at the end of class to learn our names, which made me thankful my last name starts with B. I ran out, got my thankfully un-stolen bike, and went up to Renfrew for my next class. I was early, so I wheeled my bike inside, waited for Dirk to dismiss the Antatomy/Physiology class he was teaching in there (done with THAT), and then just parked the bike in the classroom for my Tolkien class.

THIS class is going to be nothing but awesome. We’ll spend the first half of the semester on all sorts of Anglo-Saxon works that influenced Tolkien’s writings, and then the second half on just The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. I’ve already read The Silmarillion, which I think will give me a bit of a head start on that difficult work ("take your medicine," Rick said), but I think the discussions in class will help me get a lot more out of it. Also, shaylith knew I was in that class, so she tracked me down to give me a hug beforehand, and we met afterwards to hang out.

shaylith was originally signed up for that class, but she ended up dropping it because she had too much on her plate. I suggested she audit it, just so she could sit in the class (because she wants to be there so badly), so we walked to the SUB together, so I could get a new Vandal card while she bike-sat, and so she could get an add/drop form from the registrar.

shaylith got her form, but the Vandal card office was closed due to a machinery breakdown, so we had to go to the office way over in Wallace instead. It was a hassle, but at least we got to visit. shaylith bike-sat while I went upstairs, clawed my way through the huge line bulging out of Network Services, and went to the Vandal card office. They issued me a new card, and because I asked, I got a new picture (the last one being four years old). The first two pictures were awful. I begged for one last try on the picture, and it came out just fine (or at least as good as a photo ID ever looks).

We walked back to the main campus part-way together, and then shaylith headed out to find Rick to sign her form. I needed to buy books, but I had no bike lock. I needed to buy food, but I had no bike lock. I needed a parking pass, so I rode over and tentatively poked my head in the door, finding a big sign telling me the pass I wanted was sold out. I just rode home.

Once home, I had a few hours to work until I was going to meet shaylith for dinner at the Indian restaurant. I cleaned some, and also worked on getting my phone reactivated, since I’d put it on vacation all summer. I called, was put on hold for 5 minutes, then talked to a nice lady who, when putting me back on the plan, said “you know you need to sign a new contract, right?” NO. When I got this phone, I had to have a contract for a minimum of two years (early-termination fee: $150). I agreed, because I couldn’t do any better. I was just planning to put the phone on vacation while on Semester at Sea, and just let the contract run out after that. Well, evidently, coming off vacation necessitates signing a whole new contract, which effectively restarts me. I politely argued, and while she put me on hold to find a solution, I got disconnected. I hate Sprint.

I called back, was on hold for 10 minutes, and got another nice lady. I told her what had happened, and she rummaged around and said she could put me on a 1-year contract (I’m guessing they don’t offer that to new customers), which I accepted, since that’s basically equivalent to the 2-year contract I started a year ago. I also downgraded my plan from 500 minutes to 300 minutes, since this is a one-person phone right now and the new plan costs me $35 a month, instead of $50.

My next task was a video problem. I need to watch A Civil Action by Wednesday night for my first film class and write something about it. I hate it when professors set assignments for you before the first class. But I didn’t get this email until Sunday night, when I hooked up my computer, and I had no faith that the video stores in town could supply enough copies of that film for everyone in the class. The professor said he had a copy he would loan out until Tuesday, which was still cutting it too close. I wanted to call all the video stores in town before trying to just run around and look for available copies, but to do that, I needed to have my phone connected. I also needed to call Mom and call my doctor about my medication, but for that, I needed my phone connected. Having connected my phone, I first called Hastings. I asked to talk to someone in the Video department and was put on hold for 5 minutes (listening to ads, of course) before I hung up. I don’t need that garbage. I did find an available copy of A Civil Action elsewhere, which I reserved, then went down and got. I also dropped off some film, then drove to the Indian restaurant to meet shaylith for dinner.

I stood in front of the Indian restaurant, which was dark and empty, only to realize that Monday is the one day of the week the place is closed. I waited around for shaylith , who was half an hour late due to a late dismissal from her last class, and we went to Casa Lopez instead. I had a little salsa and a lime margarita, which was bad of me, but I’ve been really good up until now. We had a nice dinner with lots of flailing and bad jokes, and then we drove to the mall, got my pictures back, and then went to Hastings to see about getting some books for me with her employee discount.

Anyway, after that I came back to the house, cleaned more, had a nice talk with Carrie and then headed to bed with a good book. I slept like a rock, again, and happily woke up early. I’m very pleased, although I felt like crying last night and I’m not sure why.

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