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Well, after I figured out it was the stupid Prilosec keeping me up at night, I stopped taking the stuff until I could talk to my doctor. Between getting my phone hooked back up and playing phone tag with the nurse at the doc's office, it was actually a WEEK AND A HALF before I could talk to anyone. Their advice was to take the pill in the morning instead of right before bedtime. I thought that that went against the whole point of the stuff (take it before lying down), but they said okay, so whatever.

The interesting thing is this: Prilosec is a pretty big capsule to swallow, and the medicine inside isn't a powder or's a pinch of fairly large granules or pellets, and the caplet isn't entirely full, so it rattles quite a bit.

The effect of that is interesting, because when I swallow the thing, it always sticks in my throat for a second or two. When I move my head, it rattles loudly, and I can even feel it rattle. It's like having a tiny pair of maracas between my tonsils. It's odd.

I'm doing my wildlife seminar (next week!) on a research paper about crows. YES.

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