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Last night I dreamed I was shopping at a grocery store in my Seattle neighborhood, and George W. Bush was speeding and driving recklessly down and around the streets in this GIGANTIC beast of a vehicle, with his mom, Barbara, in the passenger seat.

The police eventually set up a blockade on one street (an accordioning iron fence), which Bush eventually encountered. He brought the vehicle to a halt and sat on the site of the road, utterly dejected, waiting for the police to arrive. I caught up with him, and by virue of some well-pointed questions, revealed some truths about how he's been running the country and convinced him of the error of his ways, while his mom nodded sagely.

He'd left a second vehicle running in my driveway, so after the police led him away, I went home and tried to move the other car, which was difficult, because it was so big and had so much momentum that the brakes hardly worked at all. There was also a small LC screen that popped out of the hood so you could watch TV while you drove.

You guys can all accomplish whatever you want today, but I advised the president before 6:00 am.

Man, this is the most politically-charged dream I've EVER had. Hopefully it's somewhat prophetic.


EDIT: I slept in yesterday because I dreamt that Tyler and I were going on rides together at Disneyland, and I was having too much fun to get up and make breakfast. My dreams kick ASS as of late.

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