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Mean old woman

I got up later than I thought I would today (I was up late reading), wandered downstairs for an omelette, and then headed to the Farmer’s Market. I got some peaches for me and acorn squash for Doc and Carrie at Otto’s, looked at water guns at Gart, and nabbed some milk and juice at the Co-Op. The only thing I actually bought at the Farmer’s Market was some pastries from Wheatberries (since the peaches I wanted all come from Yakima anyway, I figured I might as well buy them from Otto’s than from the big trucks from out of town), but it turned out a little interesting.

See, I was waiting in line at the Wheatberries bakery booth at the market, waiting for the one woman ahead of me to finish up so I could get my stuff (there was more than one line, and more than one girl helping). As I stood there, an elderly woman with a walker came trudging around the side of the booth, very close to the counter. She came around the corner, and then started to walk right between me and the woman in front of me. I stepped back to let her pass through, but she just took two more steps before stopping and turning to face the counter, effectively taking my place in line.

I was a little surprised, but I figured that maybe she hadn’t been paying attention. Besides, if she was using a walker, I didn’t want her to have to stand any longer than she had to. She started aiming for a different girl at the counter, anyway. The woman in front of me finished up her order and left, so I stepped up, and the girl working there smiled at me and asked me what she could get for me.

I got as far as "I’d like one..." and then the old woman to my left crowded over, interrupted, and started placing her order. And I know she wasn’t hard of hearing, because the women speaking to her from behind the counter weren’t using loud voices, and she could hear them perfectly well. This older woman really didn’t even seem to want anything, she just wanted to ask questions. She wanted to know if this bread was low-carb, and if this bread was whole-wheat, and then asked for totally different items, and once they were put in the bag, she decided she didn’t want those after all. When a different girl finished helping someone else, she came over to me and took care of me in 20 seconds…a cinnamon roll for Carrie and a pecan roll for me (tomorrow’s breakfast), and I had my cash out and ready to go. The older woman was still giving Wheatberries the runaround when I left.

I’m still unsure how I feel about it. I’m 99% sure that that woman knew exactly what she was doing...that I was in line ahead of her, and that the Wheatberries staff were helping me with my order. She effectively cut in front of me twice, and I think she meant to. I don’t know if she just figured that was her right as a senior citizen (I would have let her if she asked, anyway) or if she was just being mean. I’m mad that she did it, but on the other hand, it was a good exercise for me in patience, which I’ve really been trying to work on lately.

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