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Is anyone out there running Winamp v. 5.04 (JTFE v0.96)?

I like to listen to my bird calls on my computer, just because I enjoy them and because it's a good way to keep up with what I've studied in ornithology. However, each sound file announces the name of the bird before the call begins. That's not very soothing to listen to, and it gives the call away so I can't guess.

My old Winamp program had a little button next to the shuffle and repeat buttons that, for lack of the real title, I'll call "crossfade." It looked like a little X, and when enabled, it faded the ending and beginning song sounds into each other a bit (the ending song faded out, the beginning song faded in). When I enabled it for my bird calls, it faded out that announcer.

Now I have the most recent version of Winamp, and I can't seem to find that option (especially since I don't know what it's really called). Does somebody know where it is? I've looked all over, and I can't seem to find anything useful on the help pages or message boards.

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