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Well, my presentation went just fine. There were a couple things I was marked down for that I really could have argued, but it wasn't worth the trouble (I've argued with Kerry before). I got an A. Between that and the summary paper I turned in, that's 60% of my grade for that class in the bag, and it's only the 3rd week of school. Rock!

I databased at the Herbarium for 4 straight hours yesterday. I was so tense and stressed and keyed up from the presentation that I didn't wind down for hours, and when I did, I was so sore. I had a tension headache and neck and shoulder and back pain. I would have loved a massage.

So I was lying in a warm bath last night when the phone rang, and it was...mountain_child. He was calling from his don't-ever-use-it-unless-we-say-so satellite phone (only $0.88 per minute!), and he has a departure date! They're tenatively shooting for the 21st. He said the weather should remain good until Sunday, when it will start to rain and just keep on raining for a long time. The 21st is a Tuesday, so I have school to deal with, but I only have my History class that day and I may be able to get out of it.

If that's the case, I would really like to head down there on Monday night, and if it wouldn't be a problem, stay overnight with warriorkimberly (the night of the 20th). Then I'll get to McCall early on the 21st, maybe even drive to Krassel if I'm lucky, wait for mountain_child to fill out paperwork in McCall, and if we wouldn't be a couple of huge pains in the butt, have dinner with warriorkimberly on the way back up to Moscow.

I'm a little excited and a little afraid at the same time.

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