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Mom called me last night and said that Jason had been in a car accident. Here's what happened.

Jason and his best friend, Michael, are both in the Shorecrest marching band, and had a football game to play at on Friday night. With them was Alana, Jason's coworker at the zoo (and also his first girlfriend, which is the most sweetest thing ever. Most sweetest). She's gone to see Jason play. At 10:30 pm, they got in Michael's car to drive home. Jason sat behind Michael, and Alana sat in the backseat behind the empty shotgun seat.

They came down Ballinger way to the 5-way intersection where our street veers off. Michael had a green light (not an arrow), and saw a car approaching way off in the distance, so he moved into the lane of oncoming traffic to make the left turn onto our street. Somehow, whether it was due to rain or glare or something unknown, he didn't see the oncoming car that was right at the intersection. Michael hit him head-on.

Michael called my Dad from the scene, told him what had happened, and that they were okay. Dad got in his car to go get Jason, drove up the street, and quickly discovered that Jason wasn't going to go home that night. There were ambulances and fire engines everywhere. Jason asked for Mom, and so Dad drove back down the street, got Mom back in the car, and headed back to the accident.

Michael, in the front seat, was fine. Jason and Alana were not. First off, the backseat of the old subaru didn't have shoulder harnesses. Second, the impact of the accident was so sharp that it actually snapped the backseat loose. Both Jason and Alana smacked the seats in front of them.

Mom rode to the hospital in Jason's ambulance, to Northwest hospital (which is where I went for my seizure). Dad was trying to follow them in his car, but he accidentally followed the wrong one and wound up following Alana's ambulance to Swedish (her mom is a nurse there). It's just as well that he did, though, because her mom wasn't there right away, and because Swedish took one look at her and sent her to Harborview, so she didn't have anyone for a while besides my Dad.

Jason is mostly fine. Both Alana and Jason have nasty lacerations across their hips from the seat belts and lost a lot of skin there. Because of that, they checked them out with x-rays and scans to make sure there wasn't organ damage, and they're fine. However, the impact of the accident shocked Jason's muscles so much that he can hardly move. His muscles are extremely sore, and needs help to do everything. Mom and Dad brought him home at 2:30 am that night. I think he just slept in a chair last night. The other thing that happened was when the impact happened, Jason't forehead hit the back of Michael's seat, and now he has a tremendous black goose egg on his forehead. But he'll be fine.

Alana is not fine. While Jason smacked the seat with his forehead, she smacked it with her face. She has a broken nose, broken cheekbones, and a broken left orbital. She will be getting surgery and is expected to be released on Tuesday. Her mom called at 5:30 am that morning to let us know that there was no brain or spinal damage, thank heavens.

Alana feels awful because she looks so torn up (and is in a lot of pain). Jason feels awful because he's in pain and because his girlfriend's been injured in a car wreck. Mom and Dad took him to see her the next day and he brought her a dozen white roses. And poor Michael feels awful as well. He wasn't being alcohol, no drugs...they were just on their way home straight from the game, as they've done a hundred times. It was just one of those things. Now he's hurt his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend, his car is totaled, and his insurance is probably in ruins. He went over to see Jason yesterday and watch movies with him, just to keep him company.

Meanwhile, I was really upset last night. I talked to Jason on the phone last night and he was pretty dazed. I think it's hard to come to grips with that sort of thing. I'm also pissed because there are two things I want to do, and I can't do either. I want to talk to Tyler, and I want to send Jason flowers.

I was so upset and frustrated last night that I almost cried. Mom didn't want me to come home. I wanted to call Tyler and just hear his voice for a while, while my brother was hurt, and there was absolutely no way I could reach him, short of driving 4 hours to McCall, 2 hours tot he trailhead, and 6 hours hiking up to his lookout in the dark. I can't call him on his satellite phone, even if I had the number. I called Krassel, but it's a government office and is only open Monday through Friday, even though I know damn good and well someone is there on the radio 7 days a week (what, nothing burns on the weekend?). I left a message asking someone to please radio Tyler and ask him to call me (if they let him use the emergency phone), but it doesn't matter now. I don't want to talk to Tyler on Monday. I wanted to talk to him last night.

I'm so frustrated. I love my brother even though I hate him at other times, and I want to be there for him right now. I want to be at home with my family. I especially want to be there to help, because Jason has to be waited upon for a few days, and Mom has to do it all herself because Dad had to leave for a business trip to St. Louis this morning. He'll be gone for 2 weeks. I'm also not allowed to hit Jason for at least 3 months, doctor's orders. Dammit.

And today, I wanted to send Jason flowers. There are at least 3 florists in Moscow that can do it, and all are open every day of the week except this one. I'm extremely pissed with no outlet.

Well, except for LiveJournal.

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