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Today was a good day. I biked to school in glorious sunshine, curated in the Herbarium for two hours, had a nice 470 presentation by Penny Morgan (and nailed a question she put me on the spot with, on Habitat Suitability Indices), had a very enjoyable Tolkien class talking about elegies and Freud, and then returned to the Herbarium and worked for two more hours before biking home in a downpour, taking a shower, eating dinner, and forsaking homework to listen to our local representative, Tom Trail, who stopped by to visit.

However, today was also a really important day. Today was the first time that I think I've had serious direction and drive towards what I'll do past Semester at Sea, and I think it's changed me. I don't know anything for certain, but it feels like I might apply for a graduate assistant position in the Herbarium, which is a full-time paid position next year (and highly competitive, so I may not get it), and start pursuing my Ph.D. However, I need a LOT of guidance before I think too much further with this.

I helped Doc make pesto tonight with all the pounds of fresh basil I'm reaping at the farm. I also had a rocking dream last night where I was out on Semester at Sea with shaylith.

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