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Dirty riddles!

This riddle came out of my Anglo-Saxon lit book (the Crossley-Holland one, shaylith, and it was too good (and awful) not to share.

Okay, guess the riddle, PUNKS. I'm heading down to stay the night with warriorkimberly in Winchester tonight, then I'll drive down to McCall and fetch mountain_child from his mountain on Saturday, so I'll post the answer in a day or two.

Whosoever guesses the right answer first (if anyone) wins a cookie. Except you, shaylith. NO WEB CHEATING.

I'm a strange creature, for I satisfy women,
a service to the neighbors! No one suffers
at my hands except for my slayer.
I grow very tall, erect in a bed,
I'm hairy underneath. From time to time
a beautiful girl, the brave daughter
of some churl dares to hold me,
grips my russet skin, robs me of my head
and puts me in the pantry. At once that girl
with plaited hair who has confined me
remembers our meeting. Her eye moistens.

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