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Summary of today: I harvested at the organic farm for 5 hours, which was wonderful. I've got whole flats of tomatoes for Doc to make sauce, another bag of basil so we can put up more pesto for the winter, parsley, and I brought back tons of eggplant, zuchinni, and green bell peppers to make stuffed vegetables. mountain_child scooped them out while I made the rice stuffing, and they're baking as I type.

We dropped off mountain_child's film at the camera store today, visited Eclectica where I bought a special thing for myself*, and got onions at the Co-Op.

We also have a new housemate joining us! Her name is Sue-Jean, and she's a Taiwanese grad student who needs a place to stay for three months. She'll be living in the basement study, and she's moving in today. Doc and mountain_childwill set up a bed for her this evening, we'll have stuffed veggies for dinner, and then mountain_child and I will meet shaylith at the Borah theatre tonight for Shrek 2.

We also went with shaylith last night to be with her while she got her navel pierced! She was awesome, and both mountain_child and I were honored to be there for her. We also took her out for a raucous dinner at La Casa Lopez for spinach enchiladas, which was lovely.

More updates forthcoming. I have a lot of catching up to do. Things are good.

*a pair of long, soft white feathered wings. Ideally, I'd love a pair of wings with golden highlights that go down to my ankles, but then, ideally, I'd like ACTUAL wings, and these are pretty great as unreal wings go.

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