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Every so often, just when you think that things are getting under control, life gets you with a pie in the face and goes "HA ha!"

I spent a solid 10 hours yesterday reading my Econ textbook to review for today's test. I finally quit at about 10:30 and went straight to bed. I had me alarm set to get me up at 5:15, so I could study my lecture notes before class at 8:30.

Thing is, alarm clocks work so much better when you turn them ON.

So I woke myself up from a really elaborate dream to check the clock at 7:30...sure enough, I'd slept in (I sleep extremely deeply during dreams). Grabbed my backpack and headed straight to the classroom so I could study without distraction. Pulled unbrushed hair into ponytail, didn't wash, brush, floss, or anything. Out the door and onto my bike in the tshirt and shorts I'd slept in. On the bright side, I think I did okay. Some stuff I know I nailed, others I was a little hazy on and he ALWAYS catches haziness. Hopefully, it'll be well.

Nipped back to my room between classes to brush my teeth (pleh). Had a guest speaker (Marianne) in Ecology from the co op that started the fertilization study Jesse and I followed up last summer. It was really cool for me to see how all of that was started. :) Bright sunny day today. Shoeless. Genetics was nice...every day Dr. Z just gets more and more cool.

Bad thing about Moscow: The CONSTANT military presence. Like the National Guard on the field where I was trying to walk today, or the army drills Tyler runs by every morning.
Good thing about Moscow: Trust. The guy at Vegan's (little restaurant I stopped by after a brake check on my bike) happily made me a curry rice shaker, even though I didn't have cash on me. Just said I could pay for it the next time I came in. Every once in awhile, people are just worthwhile.

Current good thing: That Vegan's guy

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