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Last night was probably the best time I've ever had at a drag show. I think I looked really good (I felt really good), I'm getting better at dancing, and nobody clobbered my wings or was clobbered with my wings. I got tons of compliments, and mountain_child said there were some boys trying to get my attention and dance with me at the end, although I didn't catch on, I guess. shaylith looked great in her new shirt and was a fun (and sensuous) dance partner, although I knew that already, and at one point a nice-seeming and nice-looking man wound his way across the floor to dance with her. And mountain_child looked great. shaylith and I took him shopping last week and picked out a few nice shirts (and he got some jeans later) with him. He has OFTEN bewailed the fact that men don't get to wear clothes as sexy as women do, but I think he looked great. I think he also let go of some inhibitions (and quite literally let his hair down), so he was a very good dancer, and more well-built than any other man I saw there.

Wow, that's the most superficial-sounding paragraph I think I've ever written. Oh well, it's all true, and I don't do this often anyway.

Let's see, what else...I wore my wings to the Farmer's Market this morning and mountain_child and I picked up some eggplant, organic carrots, cucumber, and garlic, and I bought a cup of fresh cold cider. He's at the farm harvesting now, whilst I am back to the sagas.

Mt. St. Helens erupted yesterday, which is wholly appropriate, as our house here is currently enveloped in a newly-hatched cloud of tiny blue ashwings. They're like gnats, only with a fuzzy powder-blue body, and so delicate that they smash on your body if you walk through them too quickly. They're just beautiful.


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