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One of my forms for Study abroad is asking me if I have "any pre-existing conditions."

That seems a little on the vague side, if you ask me.

On a totally diffrent note, I was sorting tomatoes at the organic farm on Saturday morning, on a clear, hot sunny day, when I happened to look up and felt that it was getting suddenly breezy. About 15 feet away, I saw brown dust start to rise, and all of a sudden, it whooshed towards me. Just before it hit me (and the other 5 people sorting there), the dust started to shoot upward. I shut my eyes tight and hunkered down, and the air hit us...hard. Dust and grit swirled up around our bodies and whipped our hair around, then three seconds later, the column blew past us into a field and disappeared. We all opened our eyes and watched it go, along with several bits of paper, some large paper grocery sacks, and Gordon's hat. We recovered most of the stuff, although some came down several hundred feet away.

I've always wondered what it would be like to be inside a dust devil, and now I know.

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