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To arms...

As a rule, I don't like most weaponry. I don't like the principles behind it, and I don't like how much of it operates. There are, however, two exceptions that have been in my mind recently.

The first is a bow and arrows. I was in a little touristy shop in Flagstaff, and it had a lot of decorative archery stuff--beaded, feathered, dyed, carved, etc. I was taken with it, and I almost got something. The reason I didn't is because if I am going to have a bow and/or arrows displayed in my home, I do not want them as decorative items. They will be functional. They will be well-maintained and cared for. And, above all, I will be able to use them with some level of skill. I will not have a weapon in my home that I cannot use with confidence and respect. Jim has an incredible bow. It's smooth, soft polished wood with a lovely carved grip. The arrows are straight, with perfectly spiraled fletching. He knows the maker personally, and the arrows were specifically made for him. I would love to have that sort of connection with such a tool.

The other weapon in my mind is a dagger. Not a long, messy jagged thing. A small, slender one...perhaps the length of my palm. Not the size that makes it a concealed weapon. Eskimo women used to carry knives known as ulo, which were small and easy to carry, and could be used to slice meat or trim the hair of a child. I would like a knife that could have a range of uses like that.

I'm not actively searching for either. I think they're the kind of things that will find me when the time is right...and I don't think that time is now. But someday.

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