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The last few days have been rough ones, folks, so I'm sorry I haven't been around for those of you trying to communicate with me. I've been sick. I got the galloping cruds from mountain_child on Tuesday, who got sick after the Drag Show last week. It started out with a really sore throat that wouldn't go away, no matter what I ate or drank. I tried a sore-throat spray, gargling with salt water...nothing.

Before I went to bed on Tuesday, I took a generic Sudafed to help with some of the other symptoms creeping in. Unfortunately, "Non-Drowsy" on the box evidently translates to "Now, With Crack!" because I didn't sleep a wink on Tuesday night. I got up on Wednesday morning with a sore throat, head full of phlegm, and all the worst symptoms of oncoming death by know, light sensitivity, everything's too loud, super-sensitive skin, aching hair...that sort of thing. I actually did try to go to class, but bagged that after an hour of 470, found mountain_child, and went home to my bed. And stayed there until 6:00, when I dragged myself back out the door to go to my next-to-last film class, which was sorta important.

I felt much better on Thursday morning (the sore throat went away and my body didn't hurt so much), but since then I've still been really congested and just exhausted...I get out of breath going up stairs. Add to that the fact that mountain_child's Dad showed up on Thursday (we knew he was coming at some point, but didn't know exactly what day, and we had a great time with him), and I really haven't been around much.

So, I haven't called my Mom, I didn't email my Dad back to thank him for some mp3's he sent me, I didn't send my grandmother a birthday card, I didn't give bluemoonshark feedback on her internship essay (which I am still happy to do if you're interested, Blue), I didn't hook up with shaylith about getting notes from class (I did go to your office twice on Friday, but you'd already gone, so *thank you* for dropping them off!), I didn't work at the Herbarium on Wednesday like I usually do, I didn't help Doc and Tyler make tomato sauce or pesto, and I've fallen a little behind on my domestic chores.

My apologies to everyone. I've just been feeling not so good.

I'm recovering, though. mountain_child and I were sad when his Dad left last night and went to Spiderman 2 at the Borah to console ourselves (bluemoonshark, I'm still mad about the whole Hobgoblin thing), then went to sleep last night with the window open and an onrushing storm rolling in from the west, which was wonderful. Today I'm planning to study madly for the Tolkien midterm on Wednesday, then go to an Herbarium party at Pam's house at 6:00. Fun fun. mountain_child's Dad also left a jacket here, a big olive-green cargo jacket with pockets big enough to hold my books, which I'm going to do everything I can to steal (when mountain_child's not wearing it, that is).

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