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I didn't know it happened a few days ago. I only knew when my mom told me on the phone today. But there's an oil spill in Puget Sound.

It's about 1,000 gallons, which thankfully is not a lot. But the calm water, although that helps containment (which my Uncle Larry is probably working on, through FOSS), has allowed the oil to spread from the point of origin southeast of Maury Island, up and around the Colvos Passage to totally wrap around the south and west side of Vashon, and it's now at the northern end.

Which means it probably hit Camp Sealth the day before yesterday, and is coating the beaches there as I type this.

Even if it's a light spill, I hate this. I feel sick to my stomach. That was and is a special place for me.

Also, bullshit.

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