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It's almost 11:00, and I'm just finishing up my final paper for my Flim class (75% of my final grade, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil), which is rare for me. I established a rule last year that I wouldn't do homework past 9:00pm and this is the first time I've really violated it. However, I've been run so ragged the past couple of days, between:

*Studying for yesterday's History exam
*Doing yesterday's reading for Tolkien class
*Studying for today's History quiz
*Making final arrangements for tomorrow's Portland trip
*Sorting out billing issues with Study Abroad, Financial Aid, Semester at Sea, and Mom
*Writing my South Fork team evaluations for 470
*Writing my Module 1 and 2 evaluations for 470
*Doing discussion questions for Reading #14 for 470
*Applying to graduate this morning
*Trying to arrange an interview for 470
*Freaking out when said interview fell through
*Trying to think of questions for a second interview I got at the last minute
*Conducting said interview this afternoon
*Working at the Herbarium for 1 hour yesterday, until I found out Steve Brunsfeld (who may well be my major professor for my Masters) was in the hospital
*Visiting Steve at the hospital
*and creating a very snazzy flowchart for my Wildfire team project in 470

...I've been a little busy and tired, and haven't had the time to do this until now. Plus, I've been dreading it, which never helps. However, it's nearing completion, it looks and sounds very professional (footnotes!), and the two quotes I put at the top of the first page make me laugh every time I read them.

"Thomas Hobbes is often quoted as having said that life is nasty, brutish, and short, and surely it must have seemed so to Danny Hansford during the last fifteen or twenty seconds of his life, while his life was oozing out onto Jim Williams’s Persian rug." -Spencer Lawton

I suppose we’ll have another Christmas without Jim’s lovely party.
-Lila Mayhew

I love it.

Anyway, I'm off to Portland tomorrow for the Sustainability in Higher Education conference, and will be back on Sunday, at which time I need to figure out how to cook and preserve about 200 lbs of sustainably grown organic produce sitting in the garage before it goes bad or the deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) carry it off. We've got 2 batches of stuffed peppers already, but we can probably do about 4 more. Plus pesto, plus tomato sauce. We have at least 3 assloads of basil and 4 embarassments of tomatoes, and that's a lot to deal with in a short time.

Anyway, wish me luck. And warriorkimberly, wherever you are right now, we love you and are all thinking of you, and sending as much love and hugs and support as we can mentally muster. Take care of yourself, and we'll see you very soon.

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