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A premonition of things to come.

I'm back from the Sustainability conference. Things were awesome.

I'm technically doing 470 homework, but first, I have to stop and give you guys a little taste of what my fellow student body on Semester at Sea might be like (courtesy of MSN boards).

"i sure hope the ship isn't filled with a bunch of squares. yea, we're on this ship to learn. but i'm 22..i want to see the world and party my ass off with some friends!"

"basically im taking this as a four month vacation that i can completely get beligerent on and get credit for, while traveling the world, what a better way to experience what the world is truly like"

"U bookworms can stay the hell away from us party animals while we are getting crazzy, oh did i spell that wrong, can u correct that one for me please"

"maybe i spelled the stupid word wrong but i was pretty drunk when i decided to type it up too. and by the way i probably go to a better school then most and i get trashed... a lot"

"if you dont go on this trip then i hope you fall and hurt yourself cuz it is soooo tight, and im very drunk.... but if you want to party do it, do it, doit. ... .. . .more girls than guys omg.... its usually like 2 and a half- 2 chicks to every guy... trust me you need it, you want it. arrghhh. id go again if i could but im soooo broke from it and they prob. wouldnt let me back on it if i wanted to. omg... im so drunk but you gotta do it and they hate me for it. almost kicked off two voyages. im one of the few the proud, the drunkards..... late"

"Like, I intend on getting drunk and running amuk, but the moment I start making an ass out of myself, being destructive, or otherwise embarassing the US, you all have the right to lock me in a closet or whatever seems fit at the time."

"Just a few weeks ago i put up a posting about my interest in big game hunting, and i got ridiculed and insulted. Here we are talking about gettting drunk and finding tail in these foreign places and people are ridiculing us...But hey Broads and Beer are what its all about right."

"Plus the whole girl/guy ratio is just making me giddy (Sue me im a frat boy). Getting drunk in 10 different countries in less than 4 months? I mean ....this is some amazing shit. if anyone wants to talk IM me...MeatJerky ."

Thanks, MeatJerky. And with that, I close.

P.S. Any man wanting to drink with me on this ship (if indeed I drink at all), will have to put the request in writing. Correctly spelled and grammatically assembled, fer cryin' out loud.

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