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I submit, for your disapproval, a couple of shining examples of my fellow student body here at UI (cut for length).

Abstinence is the answer
Dear Editor,

"...we not solving the problems of unexpected pregnancy, single-parent families and STDs by prescribing abortion, the “morning-after pill,” birth-control and sex-education classes. The root of the problem is non-marital sex.

Studies show that children are most likely to mature into productive, responsible adults when they are raised by a loving mother and a loving father. Statistics also show that couples who live together before marriage have higher incidences of divorce.

Are you living in an illegitimate relationship? Or worse, are you "sleeping around"? Please think critically. Human beings are more complex than any computer made by man. So also, "programming" children to become good human beings is more difficult and more satisfying (if done well) than any career. Please don’t allow temporary pleasures debilitate your future, your children’s future and society’s future. And please vote for political candidates that will legislate in favor of the traditional family, the fundamental unit of society.

Joshua Fusselman
Landscape architecture

First of all, it does NOT stand to reason that children with loving mothers and fathers were born of parents that did not engage in premarital sex. Does that make people any less loving? I'm omitting the gay issue for now. Also, YOU MORON, MARRIED COUPLES USE BIRTH CONTROL. I am the product of conception after my mother popped The Pill for 10 years. My parents were FUCKING POOR, and they could not have raised a happy, healthy family before they were ready in 1982. And sex-education isn't the answer? Sure, let's just putz along in ignorance about how our bodies work! THAT'LL reduce unwanted or accidental pregnancies FOR SURE.

I will concede that carelessly "sleeping around" can be a poor decision. I will also point out that many married couples face serious fidelity issues (and the famous "seven year itch") when they have never expereinced intimacy outside of marriage. What the hell is this traditional family we're supposed to support? Should we take lesbian mothers' children away from them? Should we take away children being raised by single moms or widowers and give them to nice, normal upper-middle-class fundie white folks? A mom, dad, 2.5 children, and 2-car garage is not the fundamental unit of society. LOVE is the fundamental unit of society. And maybe compassion, you asshole.


God Belongs In The Presidency
Dear Editor,

In “God belongs in Americans’ hearts, not laws” (Oct. 19), the writer mentions that Christians can separate personal religious beliefs from professional decision-making. That is dead wrong. Real Christians cannot separate religious beliefs from professional decision-making. God commands us to surrender fully to him. We cannot make big decisions without asking God what he wants. That is what being a Christian is all about. Trusting God with our life. I believe Bush when he says God commanded him to go to war in Iraq. Christians do communicate with our father in heaven.

Kevin Cron

That's funny, Kevin, because God told me that he DIDN'T want Bush to go to war in Iraq (which wasn't even the country involved with 9/11). And since I said it, you should believe me without reservation, as you seem to be doing with Bush, here. Maybe you should also consider that this is NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. We are a nation CONSISTING of Christians, yes..over half of the US is Protestant (55%), and 28% is Catholic, and that's a big chunk...but 2% of our people are Jewish, 6% have other faiths, and 8% profess no religion at all. And it it THEIR country too. Last time I checked, we didn't have a state religion, and I'm not going to assume it's right and good to run this country like we do.

If you want to state your beliefs, fine, do it. But don't you EVER use something like "God told me to" to justify things like going to war. That is cowardly, Crusades-era BULLSHIT.

And while we're on the topic, Kevin, if you believe (as many Christians do) in a philosophy of environmental stewardship (that is, Christians have a responsibility to take care of the earth God gave them), than what do you think of your godly President's stellar environmental record? Seems smite-worthy to me.


Naturally, I ALSO am cowardly, because I'm responding to these people in the safety of my own journal rather than in the paper. I might send these in if I can tone them down and wipe the spittle off my screen., "LOVE is the fundamental unit of society. And maybe compassion, you asshole." I'm hilarious.
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