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Narf narf narf. So, what have I been up to the last few days?


I finished up my hours for the week at the Herbarium on Friday afternoon, grudgingly keying stuff out. I don't like keying, because I'm not incredibly good at it yet and I have to ask a lot of questions, and I don't like bothering people.

Then I came back to the house and dressed up (just for fun) my short champagne-colored velvet dress (yeah, that one), strappy sandals, rain necklace, tiny pearl earrings from my family in Japan, and my blue riverpearl bracelet from warriorkimberly...and mountain_child took me out for a romantic dinner at Sangria Grill, which was lovely. As it turns out, this was Dad's Weekend at WSU, which means there's no place to eat anywhere in Moscow or Pullman. mountain_child had an hour-and-a-half wait, which had stretched to 3 hours by the time we were seated. We occupied our waiting time by wandering through the mall for a Strawberry Julius, going to Hastings to bug shaylith (unsuccessful), and then I parked myself in a chair and read Sean Astin's new autobiography.

Dinner was lovely and delicious (mediterranian vegetarian angel hair pasta), and marvelously inexpensive ($7-ish). We finished up a little early so we could hurry home, change into comfy clothes, back a small bag with birdseed, newspapers, and toilet paper, then hurried downtown to catch The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience. We waited outside for a bit, I hopped down to Bucer's to get some cocoa and chatted with the Frequent Wine Club, then hopped back just in time to be let in.

I'd already seen the RHPS, but mountain_child was a woeful virgin. However, I did not let on when the virgins had to go onstage for the screaming orgasm contest, the dog-pissing contest, and the partner-up-and-make-as-many-sexual-positions-as-you-can-in-30-seconds contest, and for this he made me breakfast in bed the next morning (oatymeal!).

The show was good. The audience was almost entirely virgins, so most of the line-yelling was done by the cast backstage, not by the audience. They made us dance the Time Warp, and the nice guy sitting next to us let us have some his toast. None of the virgins brought supplies, nor did they buy supply kits at the doors, so the few of us up front were resposible for most of the birdseed and rice throwing. Fun. The cast did an *extremely* good job. The acting, preparations, and costumes were excellent. Frank was played by someone I know in my Tolkien class.

On Saturday, mountain_child and I went to the last Farmer's Market of the year for pumpkins and some Chinese eggplants. I got to try pear cider and almost got some (teh goodness). Then we came back to the house, I spent hours working on my final draft of the South Fork project for 470 and the AMS project for 470 (for two different groups). Then shaylith came over, helped mountain_child make stuffed veggies for dinner (I was working and contributed little), and then we carved pumpkins. shaylith made hers look a bit like a o_O, and it turned out very cool. mountain_child's had shooting stars and a crescent moon. I made mine into a scary caracture of Cinnamon (our dachsund), with "HAM?" carved in scary letters in the back. mountain_child and I roasted our seeds from our dark orange pumpkins, supposedly great for eating, and they are among the best I've ever ever tasted. Then trooped downstairs to watch Fahrenheit 9/11, which neither of them had seen.

It hit them pretty hard, as it hit me the first time I watched it. I felt sad that shaylith cried at the end, but I'm glad that it seems that she's really determined to vote tomorrow and urge her students to do the same. We came upstairs afterward and ate some of mountain_child's surprise brownies, talked to Carrie about possibilities associated with a draft, and went to bed. shaylith slept in our LoveSac with her laptop.

We woke up to snow the next morning, Halloween. Everything was frosty and cold, and the snow fluttered around our windows, the first we've had this year. Winter has seemed to come on fast this time, with leaves still on the trees and the warmer Autumn days still feeling very close. The three of us played a game of Munchkin (shaylith was victorious), then mountain_child and I went to the mall. He needed greenery for his costume, and I needed to print my digital pictures of the summer's work for my Dad's Christmas present. We did so, came back to the house, and mountain_child worked on our costumes downstairs while the three of us watched the extended Two Towers, which shaylith had not seen. We didn't get all the way through it.

shaylith left to go home and study, and mountain_child and I took Suh-Jane out to Tubaween last night. mountain_child dressed as a Green Man, with green clothes covered in fresh leaves and a leafy green mask. I dressed as Autumn, with khaki skirt and butterscotch top, a ring of Autumn leaves, strands of leaves in my hair, hanging from my wrists, a leafy boa around my back and over my arms, and a leafy mask of reds and golds. Tubaween was awesome, as usual. The first part was the concert half, with musicians playing very nice classical pieces in costume (one dressed as an ostritch rider, a piece with Batman and Robin playing a duet, and the finale another duet played by two Elvises), all on tubas. The second have was the real show, a take on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory entitled Torrence and the Tuba Factory. The Oompa-Loompas were great, Grandpa was an undressed reeling drunk, and saxaphones were mocked through the entire thing.

Aaaand...I'm spent.

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