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mountain_child just told me about a political ad he was listening to on the radio in the fish lab today (between the vomitous Dr. Laura program). It was comparing two candidates, and seems to espouse the most blatant persuasion tactics I've known.

Whenever it talked about candidate #1, it played grim, upsetting music and the narrator spoke in a deep, grim, threatening voice.

Whenever it talked about candidate #2, it played light, happy music, and the narrator spoke in a bright, cheery voice. It switched back and forth a few times. Wait, it gets better.

When the ad was over (and I didn't believe mountain_child at first, but he has 4 witnesses and swore that he was not, in fact, shitting me), the evil music and the evil voice came back on and said:

"If you vote for [candidate #1], you...will...die."


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