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Whew. I slept HARD last night. I feel good now, though.

It feels a little like the big 3 or 4 week rush around midterms is over now, and I've got a little more spare time, which is a relief. My first 470 group finished the re-do of our South Fork project, so that's out of the way and I'm not working on 2 big projects concurrently. My second 470 group is getting it together and is really sharing the work out well. I did the AMS report last weekend and the Impact Evaluation Matrix on Wednesday, so I'm not lifting a finger to work on the Short-Term Management Objectives that are due today. Two other group members are doing it. Deeeee-licious.

Tolkien class rocks. We've finished The Hobbit and The Silmarillion and are now midway through The Fellowship of the Ring.

Wildlife is okay. I only have one more tiny 1-pg paper to do, then I'm done with the whole thing and just have to show up in class the rest of the semester. I just need to FIND a seminar to write that paper on before next week, which has been difficult.

History is fine. We're finishing up the Cold War.

Herbarium is great, as usual. I'm learning the finer points of keying, which I don't like doing, but I've got to get it out of the way. I'm also honing down my master's ideas, which will be the topic of a different post, methinks.

And, finally, Semester at Sea is approaching FAST. I've been getting all trembly and I've been smiling like an idiot.
*I went to a big Study Abroad orientation this weekend that wasn't really helpful, but it WAS manditory.
*I've filled out a ton of forms for Study Abroad and turned them all in. *I've gotten my ISIC.
*I've filled out a ton of forms for SAS and turned all in but one.
*I have a doctor's appointment at Thanksgiving to deal with that one form.
*I've registered for classes.
*I've ordered textbooks.
*I've paid my tuition.

So, what remains? I have another doctor appointment over break at the Travel Medicine clinic, where I'll get immunized for things like yellow fever (and maybe rabies) and get my prescription for malaria. Right now, I'm just getting ready to send in two applications for travel visas (India and China), which makes me terribly nervous, because I have to mail in my passport with them. I really don't want my passport out of my control, flying through the mail to Washington D.C., but it has to be done. Certified mail. NERVOUS.

We had a nice weekend. mountain_child and I made a pumpkin pie from our jack-o-lanterns, then picked up shaylith and hightailed it down to Winchester for an overnight at warriorkimberly's house, where she graciously fed us pizza and cookies and waffles and put up with my sass. We also managed to play Cranium, Munchkin, and an extremely raucous game of sherades.

Okay, I didn't indend this to be so long.

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