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Today was a pretty good day, although I didn't prepare well. I did homework in the morning, then got in the car to drive to class, but since I was ahead of schedule and it was a nice sunny day, I turned the car right around in the street and biked to school instead.

The problem was, the marginal mist we had in the sunny morning never burned off, and by the time I got out of 470, the sky was overcast and cold, and the mist had increased to fog. I went up to the Herbarium after Tolkien, planning to key for an hour or so before going home.

However, I hadn't learned to accession the specimens yet (a fancy word for sorting them by collector, stamping them with a special Stillinger Herbarium/University of Idaho stamp and a ID number stamp, and recording their entry into a big ledger), and the staff had been letting them build up for me so I could learn to do it on a big batch. So much had built up by today that it was important I go through them, so I stayed in the Herbarium for 3 hours and did the whole lot...about 140 of them, some my own. It was fun, and I was glad to get the experience, but by that time it was dark and very foggy, getting cold, and I was two miles from home on a bike with no light, and in short sleeves, looking down a dangerous road.

Thankfully, mountain_child called me at this time and asked if I needed a ride home, which I gratefully accepted, so Doc came and picked me up. We had polenta and mushrooms for dinner. Now I'm back at the house, full and content, but also discontent that Tyler and Doc are off visiting with a bunch of male friends at a gathering that I very much wanted to go to between people that like me, but are pointedly excluding me from because I'm a girl. I think this is the first time in my life that my gender has kept me from doing something I wanted to do. It stings.

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