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Things I liked about FOTR

You knew it was coming. ^_^

P.S. This is random, obscure, and unorganized. I'm fine with that.

1. Legolas' braidy-things
2. The way Gimli says "and MY axe" when volunteering for the Fellowship in Rivendell, even though he just broke his axe on the ring
3. The elven statues in Rivendell, particularly the one with cymbals
4. The diagonals of the pillars in Moria that reminded me of marching band
5. Legolas walking on snow
6. The foozy antennae on the moth Gandalf talked to
7. The pretty music in the background during the moth scene
8. Kick-ASS dragon fireworks
9. Breakfast
10. Second breakfast
11. Elevensies
12. Luncheon
13. Afternoon tea
14. Dinner
15. Supper
16. Pippin's rockin' Scottish accent
17. Arwen actually speaking Sindarin to her horse, Asfaloth (I understand a little Elvish...they got it right).
18. Gandalf's staff
19. Frodo's petulant expression as he listens to the Ringwraiths stabbing the pillows in the adjoining inn room
20. The fan picture I saw of the 9 Ringwraiths riding shoulder-to-shoulder, with the 7th Ringwraith cut out and Seven of Nine (from Voyager) inserted
21. The cool woods in the last fight scene
22. Aragorn fighting 5 Ringwraiths single-handedly on Amon Sul.
23. "...and nice, crispy bacon." "We saved some for you, Mr. Frodo." "Put it out, you fools!"
24. Bill
25. Pippin getting smacked with an apple and looking totally lost.
26. The birds roosting on the statues of the kings
27. Troll statue in the background of one campsite
28. Asfaloth rearing in the river.
29. Elrond's circlet.
30. Boromir's funeral byre not tipping over.
31. Lothlorien
32. Female elven guards in Lothlorien
33. Ring whispering
34. *FAVORITE* In the Last Alliance battle, Elrond shouting orders to the archers, having the arrows zing through his hair, and not even flinching
35. Everybody crying after Moria, and Legolas looking totally bewildered
36. "...I'm going alone!" "Of course you are, Mr. Frodo! And I'm coming with you!"
37. Gandalf bringing cozy drinks into the Gondor libraries.
38. The chilling, trailed off script in Moria's book ("they are coming...")
39. Dead leaves on the Rivendell terraces, not swept away.
40. Frodo's flying leap onto the raft at Buckleberry Ferry
41. "Mushrooms!"
42. Boromir accidentally wounding Merry while sparring, and Merry and Pippin leaping on him.
43. Legolas' eyesight
44. The light of Earendil
45. Boromir's death scene
46. Two hobbits taking on an orc horde
47. The THUD made by the ring whenever someone drops it
48. Gandalf muttering "riddles in the dark" in Bag End (chapter title in The Hobbit)
49. The song "Concerning Hobbits", with that awesome violin part, and the low brass music in the background of the Orthanc pits
50. Boromir's ironic smile in the room with Balin's tomb "heh...they have a cave troll..."
51. "it is a curious fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt, over so small a thing..."

More to come...check for updates and please, please add your own.

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