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I now have exactly less than two months before Semester at Sea.


I'm blowing off Moscow and am heading home in...oh, 'bout 2 hours. I'll be there all week, except when I'm at doctor's appointments or shopping to get some actual food into our fridge, since Mom seems to like the fridge empty. -_-

We're having an actual Thanksgiving meal this year. Last year I made curry and we got a few Thanksgiving-ish items from the Thriftway deli (Dad wanted ham, Mom wanted stuffing). The stuffing had gone rancid, but I didn't notice because I hate stuffing anyway. It was pretty funny.

We should have the LCD projector all week, so I'm anticipating all sorts of Star Trek and Star Wars and other sorts of very large entertainment. YES.

shaylith's jack-o-lantern is still sitting in our driveway, perched on the railroad ties. Its expression is changing as it rots. Before, it was an expression of incredulous bemusement. Now it's suspicious belligerence. "What are YOU looking at?" it says, moldering. I think it's grown a fang.

Wish me luck for the drive. >crosses talons< I'll be home late, but I'll be home.

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