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Well, mountain_child and I are back in Moscow, having survived the long drive and multitude of edgy policemen (with at least one motorist getting handcuffed!). We had dinner, I now appear fat, and now I'm doing 470 homework. Calloo callay. Doc appeared to be rather cheerful about the mysterious prank played upon him last week wherin his truck was mysteriously filled with balloons. I know nothing.

My throat is okay. The day of the surgery, my throat felt really raw and painful, probably from the effects of having a tube shoved down there for anesthesia (which I don't remember). Yesterday the throat was better, but my jaw was really stiff and sore, probably from the effects of jacking it open during surgey (which I also don't remember). Today was a little of both, but overall better.

I am supposed to speak only in confidential tones (quietly) for the next 10 days. No singing, no whispering, no projecting (which means I'm a little screwed for my Tuesday presentation, asking questions in class, and making phone calls). I actually plan to take it a little further and bar myself from vocal speech almost entirely for a few days. Straining my voice could cause the cyst to come back, and so I'd much rather err on the side of caution. Besides, the silence will be an interesting social exercise, and it's been fun using sign language with mountain_child. warriorkimberly, you would love this. It's charades, any time, all the time!

So anyway, I want to remain mostly silent for at least a week, then bring it up gradually. So, if I don't speak to you, it's nothing personal. Probably.

Pix a-comin'.

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