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Man, did you guys know I got poked with needles 15 times over Thanksgiving Break? Check it:

Chemo injections into foot...4
Polio booster...1
Yellow fever vaccination...1
IV attempt into right wrist...4 (breaking the vein on the 4th shot--I've got a doozy of a bruise-y)
IV attempt into left wrist...4 (this is where she gave up)
IV attempt into inside of left elbow...1 (I told them that was the easiest place)

These two shots are of my vocal cords, pre-surgery. The lump on the left is the bugger that's been causing all my voice problems for the past two years by interfering with my airstream. If it was a cyst, it would be easy to take care of and nothing to worry about, but had a greater liklihood of coming back than anything else. As it turned out, it was a cyst, which is why I'm trying to be so careful with my voice right now. The lump on the right is a little sympathetic swelling on account of getting constantly smacked by the lump on the other side. This one should go away by itself.

Another vocals shot. The little black line is where they were planning to cut. Interestingly, I asked my doctor all sorts of questions about my surgical preparation and recovery, but I never asked how the surgery was actually going to be done. I assume it was cut with a small blade and not a laser or anything. All I know is that they put me to sleep with an IV in the arm, used a car jack to open my mouth (or, at least that's what it felt like the next day), ran a tube down my throat for more anesthetic, and...that's all I know. I'll ask more at the December appointment.

And, the aftermath. A tiny bit of blood, but nothing much to worry about. Voila!

There, happy now? VOYEURS.
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