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See, despite all the Trekkie feedback on what a great captain Kirk was, he wasn't. He was a good-looking arrogant cowboy that never followed the rules and constantly jeopardized his crew. Plus, he was easily distracted by the ladies, he never negotiated, and it was really his crew (especially Spock and Scotty) that pulled him out of so many tough situations that he got credit for. Man, engineers never get credit. Picard was an awesome captain with great diplomacy skills, but enough intelligence and backbone to know when to fight, when to sacrifice the ship, and when to back away. He also put Wesley in his place, and didn't let his cowboy second-in-command take over the way Kirk might have. Sisko was a really good captain too, but I think he let his personal feelings get in the way a little too much. Plus, the Emissary stuff got a little annoying at times. Still, he was the only captain we've seen in a long protracted war period, and the fact that he fought through it admirably (leading many key battles) is a strong point in his favor. Janeway gets a lot of the points Picard did, for both diplomacy and willingness to kick ass, but she's often accused of being a pushover. I don't agree, though. It takes an incredible amount of emotional and physical strength to guide a crew of frustrated, homesick people on a homeward journey that has such little hope of success, and she still managed to do it, even sacrificing a future self to escape the Borg queen. Plus, she knew when to tell the doctor to shut up, knew when to calm B'elanna down, and knew when to throw Paris in the brig. Excellent. I vote for Janeway, for awesome captaining skills and grace under pressure.

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