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Dead week is dead, long live finals week.

Today will be a good day, I think. I have to finish a teensy bit of homework (minor touches on the 470 paper, an Herbarium progress report, and a TINY essay for Tolkien), I want to give the upstairs a good cleaning (I'll feel better), and run a few errands for Christmas stuff. I got a touch of guilt about wrapping paper waste, so I think I might wrap in newspaper this year. I like beautifully wrapped presents, but...

Doc is going to get the tree today, so he'll be decorating after graduation, and the Chem Club is coming over tonight for their annual gift exchange, which is always a hoot. Last year, one of the gifts was wrapped in a duct tape ball, about the size of a basketball. It took about an hour to open.*

And word on the street has it that warriorkimberlyis rolling into town tomorrow. Hurrah!

Yesterday was a good day. I frantically worked on my final Herbarium paper in the morning, went to the Courthouse for our final 470 presentations (which went very well, although the whole thing lasted 2 hours), then hustled to school for my last Tolkien class. I'm really sad the class is over. Our final is next Thursday, and the good news is that Rick gave us the essay question and said we can write it ahead of time if we want to. SCORE. That takes so much of the stress off. shaylith and mountain_child stayed after with me to BS with Rick for a while, which was great.

Then shaylith gave me my Christmas present, which turned out to be the first FOUR books of A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I'd been wanting to read for a bit. AWESOME. Merry Christmas to me!

Then I worked in the Herbarium with mountain_child for three hours. I finished my final paper and turned it in, I changed Fester's cartridges and printed out about another 30 copies of the Newsletter booklet, and I finished a data request that Tyson was teaching me to do, which I was very proud of.

And THEN we nabbed shaylith, went out for dinner at Casa de Lopez (spinach enchiladas!) and then came back to our place and played a round of Munchkin. And shaylith AND mountain_child BOTH kicked my butt.

It was a very good day. :)

*Historically, the best one they ever did (which I didn't see, but is still talked about) was a present wrapped in duct tape...put in a coffee can filled with glue...then the coffee can wrapped in duct tape...and put in a 5-gallon bucket...filled with glue...and wrapped in duct tape. Bear in mind that these gifts are worth about $5 or less.

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