April 4th, 2002



Forgot to mention it, but the first day of Spring marked my one-year anniversary of being vegetarian. AND I feel great, if not a little surprised.

In the words of David Schmader, "yes, yes, admire our shiny halo."
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Just another day. Up late finishing my fat paper for Restoration Ecology, snoozed in until 8, then hauled my sorry behind off the bed and attempted to work on my Energy presentation. I really, really tried. I just couldn't seem to get information together that seemed to really relate. But on the upshot, it created a lot of discussion, and we all went outside to do it. So overall, I think people liked it okay. I'm just glad it's over. I hate orals.

But that stupid transparency jammed my hole punch. -_-

Went to Peg's with Tyler for this week's macrobiotic cooking class. Quinoa, black beans with squash, and vegan cornbread. It was delightful.

Everyone say hi to Chelsea, my guest student for Vandal Friday. She's off with her frat boyfriend at the moment. All the Greek houses put together a bunch of outside decorations to lure new pledges for the fall. Her boyfriend's frat somehow managed to obtain a monsterous industrial combine and park it in the front yard. I'm not sure what point they're trying to make, but whatever.

be broccoli.

I host again tomorrow, and lead a short tour. Free tshirt, woohoo!

If you get the chance, check out the low western sky at twilight. The lady Venus is brilliant right now. There's also a comet about right now, but I have to find it first (last night's drive out into the hills was not fruitful).

And now to continue manically studying for my Econ...goldurnit. In between Brandon coming in to ask me questions about genetics. Flattering, though. He's come in here twice as I've been writing this.

(last week)
Brandon: "Hey, what's a transposable element?"
Me: >looks at Brandon, pulls out glossary<
Brandon: "Pft, I could've done that."
Me: "But you didn't."
Brandon: "..."

Big, big homework/study week.
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