April 14th, 2002


The Portal

The following things are now on or around my door. It is the most decorated door in this building.

*One Peanuts cartoon about the woods.
*One Calvin and Hobbes cartoon about getting dirty outside.
*One Calvin and Hobbes cartoon about scientific names.
*A print of Michelangelo's Delphic Sibyl, from the Sistine Chapel ceiling (she's my favorite).
*A print of Susan Seddon Boulet's Eagle Woman
*A print of bluemoonshark's Ryl, swooping above my peephole, ripped in half by BASTARDS.
*A black and white photo of a butterfly resting on the boot of a resting hiker by the Rio Grande river.
*A watercolor/calligraphy quote from The Little Prince (about the spring of fresh water...I'll post it sometime).

which children's storybook character are you?
this quiz was made by colleen

*The following Bob the Angry Flower cartoons:

Fear Soup
Stereoscopy Stereoscopy (Blue's favorite...thanks, Blue!)
Damn Those Girls
The Time Looker-Forward Tube (my favorite)
So, What's the Deal With You, Man?
Only 4 Different Kinds of KIWI?!?!

*A picture of Tyler and I
*A picture of me and my Nana Dixie, at the farm, when I was about 7. I have the coolest smile
*A picture from Katie Sharkey's overnight this last Christmas, with Katie, Eleda, and I.
*Jenny Joseph's "Warning"
*A sticker that says "Downloading is Not a Crime"
*Ginkgo branches speading outward from both sides of my door, made from pressed ginkgo leaves and watercolored wood, each about 2-3 feet square and just cooler than heck.
*the Princess of Disks from the Thoth tarot deck that Kiwichan gave me.
*A sticker that says "Chaos, panic, and disorder...my work here is done"
*A whiteboard (current quote from the Grapes of Wrath
*Five whiteboard pens, velcroed, assorted colors
*A printout of my class schedule, with the title "Stalking Made Easy"
*A printout of a recent Onion article
*Glow in the dark stars, assorted sizes, colors.
*One fortune cookie fortune
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