October 20th, 2002

Sierra Night

Public mockery

"Unlike the proavian ancestors of birds, Archaeopteryx had wings that were large enough to contribute acceleration as it ran. Archaeopteryx probably took off by running and flapping its wings, just as many large birds do today. Once the animal was airborne, calculations of it's metabolic capacity suggest that an Archaeopteryx could fly at least 1.5 km at a velocity of 40 km/hr (Ruben 1991, 1993).

~F. Harvey Pough, Christine M. Janis, John B. Heiser, Vertebrate Life (my Wildlife textbook)
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Match Girl

More fun from Vertebrate Life

I found this quote in Chapter 19 of my Vertebrate Life text. They're talking about evolutionary differences in the sexual organs of different mammals. I have no problem with that, but the interesting judgement they tacked on here makes a rather interesting, racy notation for a Wildlife textbook.

"Note that in the more usual mammalian condition the clitoris is within the urogenital sinus, where it recieves direct stimulation from the penis during copulation, a rather more practical arrangement than in humans."

I'm not quite sure to think about that. >grin
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Match Girl


I have 9 people listed as LiveJournal friends.

Two of them have "evil" in their names. Excluding one friend who's a goat (unless goats are also evil) and one friend who's a ferret, that's a 29% Evil Ratio.

That's rather a lot.
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