October 21st, 2002



Co-Op cereals are funny.

*Gorilla Munch, Orangutan O's (they're endangered-licious!)
*Heritage flakes (I've met people like that)
*Good Friends ("yeah, well I eat good friends for BREAKFAST!")
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Sierra Night

>crawls under rock

My Environmental Philosophy class is killing me.

We have to do 6 major readings a week for that class before attending the 3-hour meeting, late Tuesday night. We have to write two questions for each of the readings and answer questions from others during class. We have to submit three philosophical essays, which I just finished last week. I have to have a summary of each of the six readings written by tomorrow, a requirement that was posted just yesterday, along with a video that I have to go on campus to watch because I hate RealPlayer.

Plus, nobody in my group ever compiles and submits the weekly questions to the online bulletin board or sends them to Claudia. Every week, I do it (usually at the last minute), then post (pissed off) asking someone else to PLEASE do it next week, to which everyone half-heartedly apologizes and promptly forgets. I'm considering refusing to do it at all next week and just saying the hell with it.

All that, and Claudia keeps chastising our group for not having enough discussion on our bulletin board. I think I'm getting a complex. I can't seem to do enough for that class. I'm sitting here on the edge of stupid TEARS because this class is scraping me raw. I work my butt off, and it's STILL NOT ENOUGH. I have SEVEN OTHER CLASSES. All of them require study and homework too.

Burnout is fast approaching.
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