February 26th, 2003


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It's satisfying when you just randomly reach into the closet and pull something on, and it just turns out to look smashing. I'm wearing my long ankle-length rough khaki skirt with the thin bands at the hem, and a black tank top with the really thin shoulder straps that cross in the back. It's rather fabulous. It makes me want to put on my ankle chain and walk barefoot outdoors on windy days.
Sierra Night

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Good heavens...

Idaho College Student Arrested In Anti-Terror Sweep

FBI arrests U of I student

This man is a grad student at my college. I've seen him shopping at the grocery store with his wife and kids. He's a TA and the ex-president of the Muslim Student Association here at the University of Idaho, and has been at UI one year longer than me. He was picked up today, and although today is my day off and I had no class, there were FBI people on campus, and a helicopter. Now he's being held at Latah County jail, 3 blocks away from my apartment, before he'll be taken to Boise tomorrow.

Rocks my world a bit.
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