March 6th, 2003

Match Girl

>lifts her glass

This entry is solely for bluemoonshark, because I can't comment on her last post.

First of all, condolences on the lack of interest for the contest. I actually did follow the links, look at the page (silently mock the whole story), and then voted. And while I did vote for Blue, it wasn't just a pitying, "I'll vote for her because she's my friend" vote. I actually looked at over half of all those myriad entries (I had to quit because modems are slow and I was getting old), and I voted for Blue. Not only because I genuinely liked her picture, but also because I know that she takes a hell of a lot of pride in her work, and that she had spent a lot of time both drawing and submitting her drafts to us on LJ so that we could make suggestions for improvements.

Many people don't do that because they can't take critisism, or if they do it, ignore any suggestions. Blue doesn't do that, and to my knowledge, hasn't ever done it. Instead of falling in love with her first rough sketch, she actually cares about doing the best she can, and pushes herself to improve a long way. I don't have the nerve OR the patience to do that, which is why I'm a very poor artist.

It's really ungratifying to put so much time and effort into creative efforts (especially when they reflect so much of your personal pride) and to have them completely ignored. I sincerely hope that she won't let this affect her, and that she'll continue to grace us with glimpses of her art and ALL stages of the process...because I appreciate it, and have for quite a while (especially as a notebook-hanger-on).

I am not a mindless adoring fan...but I do have a hell of a lot of respect for Blue as a person, as an artist, and as a friend. And Blue, if you're reading this, please send me that story link. :)

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Sierra Night

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Fark. Yesterday was super-windy, which culminated in a hailstorm in the middle of the night. It APPEARED to be light snow this morning, and so I lurked around the apartment late this morning, thinking I could ride my bike. I went outside at 8:10 and discovered that the light dusting of snow was in fact kajillions of heinous little ice balls, all frozen down to the streets and sidewalks. Darn it. I slid my way to class on foot to be safe, and was accordingly late. I didn't want to take my chances on the bike, especially since this is the first Idaho winter where I've managed to NOT fall down (multiple times, even).

I was so unmotivated today. I spent all my classes fighting the urge to just get up, go back to the Pasture, and go to sleep with a good meal (I had half a muffin for breakfast, and a complete one for lunch, which turned out to be exceedingly unwise. Lesson learned).

8:30-9:30: Ornithology. Foraging stuff.
9:30-10:45: Conservation Biology: Debate on red wolf hybridization and endangered species status.
11:00-12:15: Wildlife Ecology II: Graphs and equations and population estimations.
12:30-1:45: Environmental Sustainibility. Guest lecturer Richard Nagy, campus energy guy to talk about campus energy things*.
2:30-3:30: Wildlife Ecology lab. Went over population stuff, more equations and tables. Turned in this week's assignment and was assigned yet another, due next Thursday, the date of our lab midterm (suppresses urge to maul).

Came back to the pasture after that. Climbed in bed, read book, called mom, watched a snowstorm, made dinner (jasmine rice, with my leftover bean stew and fresh spinach) when Tyler came over, and read while he worked on his tech writing proposal on my computer. Now bed.

*The campus commons was designed without a light switch. Those lights are on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because they cannot be turned off. Nagy said one of the reasons for this was "aesthetics." -_-
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