March 25th, 2003


I like Ki-rins and vultures.

You are a Kirin
How nice, you're the gentle kirin. Originally from
China, you made your way to japan and brought
your nobility and purity with you. You are very
sentimental and care about other beings, you
are the familiar of the goddess Kannon, also
known as Kwan Yin or Tara. The goddess of
mercy. You represent everything just and pure.
You should be proud! Kirin is the oriental
species of unicorn.

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Palm-Nut Vulture
Free-spirited much? You're a Palm-Nut Vulture! As
vultures go, you're a nonconformist, in more
ways than one. You don't really follow the
crowd, and you probably do some things that
others think are downright weird . . . like
being a vegetarian, or dancing for no good
reason. You love the tropics and the sunshine,
and being near the ocean.

What Kind of Vulture Are You?
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