April 6th, 2003


I heart northern goshawks

So, in my conservation biology class, we have to do some major term project. You had a choice of doing a debate on a controversial wildlife topic (one of eight topics provided), a GIS project (which I couldn't do, since I haven't taken GIS primer yet), or a CCA (Candidate Conservation Agreement) paper on one of a list of species of concern. We drew for it. At best, you could pick the project you liked on a species you liked. At worst, you'd be stuck doing a debate, arguing for a point you didn't agree with. I picked #1. I picked the CCA paper on the northern goshawk.

Then in my wildlife class, we have to write a big term paper on the population ecology of a species of our choice. I asked Brian if I could do the northern goshawk. He said that was fine.

THEN, in ornithology a few weeks ago. Kevin springs a term paper on us. I want to do mine on corvid intelligence, but I can't find anything on the subject. So last week, I approach him with trepidation and ask if I can write about the ecology of the...northern goshawk. He says that would be fine.

I think this will be the only time in my life that I can get away with writing a paper on the exact same topic for three entirely unrelated classes.

On an unrelated note, I heard a really good remix of Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" at the drag show a few months ago, and I've been trying to download it, but it turns out that there's about 10 kabillion remix versions of this stupid song. And I'm listening to every...single...one. Ack.
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Sierra Night

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I found this on furrymouse's journal. Give it a try! I actually did pretty well, and got 3/4 of them on the first try (took about 3 minutes). I was obsessed with geography in preschool, so some of that's a carryover from stuff that stuck with me when I was 5.

I think I'm going to retake this every day, just so I can learn all the "stan" countries and ensure I don't forget. Education is fun!
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