April 10th, 2003

Sierra Night


We needed milk today. I went to the store to get said milk. Lucerne was having a buy-a-gallon-get-one-free, and I took some time to inspect the goods.

They had:
1. Chocolate milk
2. Whole milk
3. Lowfat milk
4. Reduced fat milk
5. Nonfat milk (I bought two of these)
6. Super-skim nonfat milk

The difference between 3 and 4 sounds hazy to me, but it's probably a matter of degree (as in 1% or 2%). But what's up with the last two? Once something is nonfat, as in NO FAT, how do you remove more fat?

So I checked the labels. Both had virtually the exact same nutritional content and vitamin content, down to the last percentage point (and both were completely 0% fat). The only difference that I could discern at all was in the ingredient list. The nonfat contained (surprise!) nonfat milk, and trace amounts of vitamin A and D. The super-skim nonfat milk contained these as well...but IN ADDITION, it had caragheen (which I believe is a thickening agent derived from seaweed), artificial flavoring, and artificial coloring. That was quite literally the only difference.

This raises some questions:
1. What the heck for?
2. Artificial milk flavoring?
3. And coloring? Cripes.

But the extra gallon of free milk was nice.
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The following good things happened today:

*I got a 97% on my Ornithology test
*I saw a little 6 year-old girl in a complete ballerina outfit climbing rocks
*I got to go barefoot
*I waited around for the delivery truck for an hour at the produce market and got to rest and enjoy my book in the meantime, and then buy a pound of fresh asparagus that had been cut that morning. It was delicious.
*Free milk (see previous entry)
*A fabulous caramel I can taste even now.
*The buds on the maples broke today