May 15th, 2003


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Survived my last final yesterday. It was miserably difficult. Brian thought he'd make it easier by giving us 45 multiple choice questions on top of the short answer and essay questions. Thing is, when your multiple choice questions are on topics we didn't really talk about in class or in the notes, are written with terrible grammar so reading them becomes extremely difficult, and you include things like "all but C" or "A and B only", they actually become nightmarish trick questions that really don't reflect a good education in the subject.

I talked to our TA, Jason, later yesterday. He thought it was really hard. Still, he reassured me, reminding me that Brian grades on a curve, and that he'd already graded the multiple choice and the average was something like 1 correct answer per page. Curves are kind when you already have the highest grade in the class.

Tried to go see the Matrix today with Tyler, Dana, Aaron, and Cassie, but it was sold out for all of its something like 12 showings. Denied.

My apartment has exploded. I'm moving my stuff to Doc's house and then I'll be out to the Gila for the summer, effective Saturday.

Yesterday's co-op purchase: 3 large portabella caps. Tonight I feast.
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